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22nd anniversary year 19 RACES IN 2017

How to Enter :

Any competitor that completes in at least 8 races out of the 19 during the year will count in the Series standings. The best 8 performances will count where they compete in any more than 8.

At each race, based on official results, male competitors and female competitors are given a separate score based on their finish position. So 1st male =1; 2nd = 2; 3rd = 3 etc. etc. and likewise for women 1st female = 1; 2nd female = 2; 3rd female =3; etc. etc

So the smallest score at the end of the Series from 8 races wins. E.g. Someone getting 8 first places would = 8.

Age category for the year is as at Jan 1st 2017.

Awards are made at the final race (Brent Knoll) to the top 10 men and top 5 women; and to veteran categories not covered by the top 10/top 5 awards. We aim to have a minimum of 20 awards - In 2014 there were 26 winners of the engraved glasses. The overall winners also recive a permanent trophy for the year. In addition every competitor that completes 10 races gets a pair of socks.

Brian Beale (Burnham Harriers) keeps track of positions and Series standings. Any omissions/errors should be notified to him during the year. Paul Chadwick (Wells City Harriers) looks after sponsorship & awards. Sally Tovey looks after the website and Chris Wadey (Chard) looks after the facebook page. Pete Jakeman(Yeovil Town RR) looks after the A-frame and Brian Mountjoy-Row (YTRR) looks after the money in the bank.

Series sponsored in 2017 by the 10 Clubs that co-ordinate the Series and by YEOVIL Glass

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